August 2015 Convention
Washington, D.C.

Youth Flute Day: There’s an App for That!

This Youth Flute Day event included presentations by myself and by Sasha Garver.

My presentation—“Three Ways YouTube Can Change Your (Flute) Life!”—offered flutists new ideas about how to use YouTube in their musical lives. (Young flutists should have parental permission before watching videos on YouTube or posting videos to YouTube.) I shared three main ways YouTube can be used:

“Attend” concerts and masterclasses all over the world! We can now view performances and masterclasses by world-renowned flutists without any financial or geographical obstacles.

Create your own performance videos. Regardless of your age or level, you can share your music with the world—or a small group of friends and family if you choose.

Participate in and view Virtual Ensembles. Ensembles like the Virtual Flute Choir bring flutists together from all over the world to perform together virtually.

Sasha Garver gave a video presentation on good apps for flute players. Her list included:

Pitchlab Guitar Tuner, which has functions like analyzing the pitch and amplitude of harmonics and many different “views” including an older-style oscilloscope;

In Tune (iOS only), an intonation game to help develop musician’s ears;

ABRSM Speedshifter, which can speed up or slow down any audio track, while maintaining the correct pitch;

Sightreading Machine, randomly generates new music to sight-read; and

Sunbear Metronome (iOS only), a cute metronome that features a bear sitting in a tree swaying to the beat.

—Karen Large