August 2015 Convention
Washington, D.C.

Sonic Escape: Daredevils with Instruments

Wow—what a ride! Sonic Escape, the dynamic trio of flutist Shawn Wycloff, violinist Maria Kaneko Millar, and cellist Nan-Cheng Chen, rocked the hall early Sunday morning with its explosive arrangements of Irish/Classical fusion tunes and original compositions.

Sonic Escape

photo by Brian Covington

Performing the entire concert from memory gave the artists freedom to move, dance, and interact with each other and the audience while playing, and the ensemble mesmerized listeners with Irish jigs interspersed with Bach solo standards. Particularly riveting was the original composition “Walking in the Woods,” which captured the sights, sounds, and inner turmoil encountered by slaves escaping under the cover of darkness in the underground railroad trail—not far from the site of the NFA Convention.

The ensemble formed in 2009 when Julliard-trained Wycloff and Millar met on a tour of Ireland. Now married and living in a tiny apartment in New York City, these artists, in their ensemble Sonic Escape, challenge us all to leave the musical and geographic confines of our lives to broaden our horizons. Bon voyage!

—Rosene Rohrer