August 2017 Convention
Minneapolis, MN

Celebrating American Women Composers

Shelley Martinson


In this session of all-woman composers, Cristina Ballatori, Naomi Seidman, Jennifer Kennard, Shelley Martinson, and Cobus du Toit performed works by Hoover, Leiter, Molnar-Suhajda, Srinivasan, and Harberg.

It was a pleasure to hear this programming, not only to celebrate women composers, but to listen and watch dynamic performers who spoke about the works with as much knowledge as their skillful playing demonstrated. The diversity of their playing styles gave the concert a friendly feel, showing us that not all new music is super virtuosic and barely playable and that a big part of the new repertoire is approachable and enjoyable for a broad public.

Since all of the pieces on the program had relatively simple harmonic, melodic, rhythmic, and conceptual structures, the theme of “happiness” prevailed on this program.

—Anne LaBerge and Jane Rigler