August 2017 Convention
Minneapolis, MN

High School Flute Choir

Wendy Kumer with the High School Flute Choir.

photo by Phyllis Avidan Louke

The High School Flute Choir, conducted by Wendy Webb Kumer, performed a slightly tongue-in-cheek program featuring a variety of contrasting styles and a world premiere of Chivy by Nicole Chamberlain, which was the winner of the this year’s NFA Flute Choir Composition competition. Also on the program was Edward White’s “Puffin’ Billy,” better known as the theme song to the television show “Captain Kangaroo,” Ralph Manuel’s Aleluia Brasileira, my arrangement of a Cornish folk song, “I’ll Love My Love,” Jonathan Cohen’s “OMG We Touched! (A Musical in One Breathless Act),” Theme from A Summer Place by Max Steiner, and Patton to Pyle: A Military Medley arranged by Anderson-Bazzoli.

The program also featured the contrabass stylings of High School Flute Choir Coordinator Dan Parasky as contrabass soloist in Julius Fucik’s “The Old Grumbler,” arranged by Ann Cameron Pearce, and a joint performance of “WHIRL” by Gay Kahkonen alongside the Slippery Rock University Flute Ensemble.

—Phyllis Avidan Louke