August 2017 Convention
Minneapolis, MN

Tribute to Linda Mintener


photo by Brian Covington

This concert honoring Distinguished Service Award recipient Linda Mintener featured performances by the many flute friends who have been involved in Mintener’s annual concerts that help provide support for Chinese orphans. The concert opened with an antiphonal performance by the Madison Flute Club Chamber Ensemble of my work, “Pandas in the Bamboo Forest,” followed by Marilyn Chohaney performing “Suling” (Bali) from Six Preludes: Studies on East Asian Pipes by David Loeb and Alexa Still performing the traditional Chinese song, “Songs on Fishing Boats at Dusk.” Next, an ensemble featuring Danielle Brisach, Chohaney, Betsy Dunne, Patricia George, Berlinda Lopez, Clara McGlynn, Madelyn Niessner, Judy Pellin-Goll, and Mark Richardson performed the second movement of Thom Ritter George’s Cimarosa Suite. James J. Pellerite (Native American flute) and Roberta Brokaw performed “Colors Fall” by James DeMars and Jonathan Keeble played “Fantasia Andina” by César Vivanco Sanchez and “The Hibiee-Jibiees” by Marco Granados. The concert closed with performances by Madelyn Niessner and Mintener herself playing Doppler’s Duettino américain.

—Phyllis Avidan Louke