August 2006 Convention
Pittsburgh, PA

Pedagogy: Junior Masterclass I

August 12, 2006

In the first of two Junior Masterclasses, Kathryn Blocki worked with four students (levels C-F) performing pieces selected from the Pedagogy Committee’s Selected Flute Repertoire: A Graded Guide for Teachers and Students. With each student, Blocki focused on ways to achieve and maintain a beautiful, rich, full tone whether playing tongued passages or a lyrical melodic line, or moving from one register to another. She also spent time working on phrasing and musical direction and playing with rhythmic integrity.

Rebecca Silverstein, Bethany Racke, Jenny Maier, and Haley DeJulio

Rebecca Silverstein, Bethany Racke, Jenny Maier, and Haley DeJulio

With Haley DeJulio, playing Handel’s Bourree (level C), Blocki suggested that DeJulio lower her air column to achieve and maintain a good tone while tonguing, especially in staccato passages.

Jenny Maier played Trillium (level D), by McMichael, receiving helpful ideas about how to play through the ends of the phrases so she could maintain a beautiful sound even between registers in lyrical passages. The Serenade (level E), by Hue, was Bethany Racke’s choice, and Blocki showed her how to put more air behind her tone to get a bigger sound. Rebecca Silverstein played the delightful Piece (level F), by Faure, and Blocki stressed the piece’s rhythmic integrity, noting the many occurrences of dotted rhythms (particularly dotted 16ths and 32nds), which need to be played correctly (3:1), not as a “triplet” (2:1).

—Cynthia C. Stevens (reported by Rebecca Hovan)