August 2006 Convention
Pittsburgh, PA

A Piccoloists Perspective in Pittsburgh Flute and Friends:

A Chamber Recital August 10, 2006, Piccolo Artist Finals August 10, 12, 2006
Pethrus Gardborn

Pethrus Gardborn

Although there were few events specifically for piccoloists at the 2006 NFA convention, piccolo players traveling to Pittsburgh still had a lot to be excited about. The Piccolo Artist competition concluded with three very talented finalists: Jenny Robinson, Laura Rakel, and Pethrus Gardborn. Although each player performed with great skill and artistry, Pethrus’s beautiful, dense tone and command of the stage secured his place as this year’s first place winner.

Other concerts featuring the piccolo included a beautiful performance of Daniel Dorff’s Sonatine de Giverny performed by Lois Herbine and the world premiere of Jindrich Feld’s Sonatina for Piccolo. Regina Helcher, Carl Hall, and Jan Smith shared the stage and the premiere, each performing a movement of the three-movement work for a nearly packed audience. Although the publisher did not have it ready for publication in time for the NFA, piccolo players can look forward to its release very soon.

—Christine Erlander Beard