August 2008 Convention
Kansas City, MO

Concert: Seconds, Anyone?

Powerful, breathless, expressive—the performances left the audience speechless and in awe of these second flutists. Could anyone ask for more?

Jennifer Nitchman

Powerful: Jennifer Nitchman, recently appointed second flute of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, began the program with a powerfulSonata by Otar Taktakishvili. Throughout every movement, she exemplified her ability to control the sound through every mood. She provided great contrast of power versus gracefulness and playfulness. At the end, the crowd rose to give Nitchman a standing ovation.

This was just a taste of the many great performers yet to come! Performances by Jennifer Parker Harley, second flute of the Columbus Symphony, and Kara Kirkendoll Welch, second flute of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, of the Sonatine American, by Feld, and Ballade, by Frank Martin, respectively, added punctuation to the category of power in this amazing program.

Breathless: Alicia McQuerrey’s performance of J.S. Bach’s Sonata in E Major provided the audience a great contrast to the previous pieces. Her effortless and general beauty of sound was a highlight.

Judy Dines

Expressive: Judy Dines, second flute of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, performed Charles-Marie Widor’s Suite. Her expressivity and soloistic character made the audience revel in the passion of music.

This program was a highlight of the many events I attended. The fine soloists confirmed just how amazingly powerful, breathless, and expressive the flute can be. I left feeling full—but how could you ever hear too much?

—Paula Gudmundson