August 2008 Convention
Kansas City, MO

Pedagogy Sampler Concert: Around the World in 60 Minutes

Ten talented student performers, nine from the Kansas City area and one from Oklahoma, performed on a concert sponsored by the Pedagogy Committee on Sunday morning. The theme-based program featured music from many cultures across the globe and ranged in difficulty from beginner (Level A) to advanced levels (Level J). The selections were taken from the Pedagogy Committee’s publication, Selected Flute Repertoire: A Graded Guide for Teachers and Students, a valuable resource listing high-quality repertoire for students of all levels. Attendees at the concert were treated to the music of many cultures including Russia, Ireland, Brazil Spain, Azerbaijan, England, the USA, France, and the Georgian Republic.

Aside from the delightful musical journey, the concert allowed attendees to experience the progression of repertoire from the most basic to most advanced, and provided, in a nutshell, a glimpse into the ideal progression of a student. (The students who performed were age-appropriate for the repertoire level to which they were assigned.) The themed program also provided one possibility for a themed recital for teachers who may be looking for new ideas for their own studio recitals.

From left: Rachel Kim, Alexis Knutsen, Claire Tracy, Kaitlyn Lotz, Felice Doynov, Benjamin Ketter, Aly Thompson, Caroline Proulx, and Lauren Hampton.

image credit: Deborah Rebeck Ash      

—Rebecca Hoven