August 2008 Convention
Kansas City, MO

Gala Concert: Hot and Spicy

Martha Aarons

Amy Porter

Martha Aarons performed Rondo in E Minor by Franz Xaver Mozart and Two Short Pieces by Paul Schoenfield, including the beautiful “Achat Sha’alti” and the energetic “Ufaratsta.” Amy Porter’s outstanding performance was of the difficult Flute Sonata No. 3, “The N.C. Wyeth Sonata” by Christopher Caliendo. Marianne Gedigian beautifully performed several of her own transcriptions: Wellenspiel by Edwin Grasse, Romantic Pieces by Antonin Dvorak, Melody and Humoresque by Armenian composer Arno Babadjanyan and Saltarella by Guido Papini. I especially liked the Humoresque movement by Babadjanyan. A slight delay followed Gedigian’s performance during which time pianist Linda Marks appeared at the off-stage entrance with a cell phone open, looking for the next performer, flutist Jim Walker. Walker provided a bit of levity by making a grand entrance to the stage by running down the side aisle, having been unable to find the entrance to the backstage area. Once on stage, Walker quipped that he believed in a thorough preparation before a performance. Walker performed Mike Mower’s Deviations on the Carnival of Venice.

—Phyllis Louke