August 2009 Convention
New York, NY

Dancing with the Flute: A Pedagogy Committee Sampler Concert

Interactive Roundtable Discussion

front, from left: Amanda Pappas, Joshua Rivera, Linda Johnson, Rebecca Schifilliti; back, from left: Sarah Pappas, Brenda Murphy, Ashley Smith, Emily Rudovsky; Not pictured: William Roberts, Daniel Casey

Ten students from flute studios across the country performed on the Pedagogy Committee’s Repertoire Sampler Concert. The pieces were representative of levels A-K of the Pedagogy Committee’s new publication, Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies: A Graded Guide. All pieces were chosen for their adherence to the program title of “Dancing with the Flute” and included such engaging selections as “Fudge Fandango” (level C) by Paul Harris and “Demon’s Dance (level K) from Katherine Hoover’s Medieval Suite.

This event has appeared on the convention program for several years since its first appearance at the Dallas convention in 2001. The purpose of the concert has been three-fold: to feature students primarily from local studios near the convention location, to highlight the Committee’s publication and its usefulness to teachers and students for finding quality, new repertoire, and to demonstrate the logical progression of student literature from beginner (Level A) to highly advanced (Level K).

All of these young performers were well-prepared and demonstrated poise and confidence before, during, and after their performances. Performers included Amanda Pappas, Joshua Rivera, Linda Johnson, William Roberts, Rebecca Schifilliti, Sarah Pappas, Brenda Murphy, Daniel Casey, Ashley Smith, and Emily Rudovsky. Approximately 75-80 friends, family, and others were in attendance.

—Stacey Steele and Rebecca Hovan

photo by Rebecca Hovan