Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit proposals?
All individual NFA members are welcome to submit proposals for the annual convention.
Can I submit more than one proposal?
You may submit up to three proposals, but each one must be in a different category:
  • Solo Performance (alone or with keyboard or electronics)
  • Chamber Performance
  • Flute Choir Performance (more than five flutes)
  • Workshop
  • Lecture
  • Lecture-Recital
  • Panel

For example, you may submit one solo performance, one chamber performance, and one lecture, but not two solo performances and one lecture.

What information will I need to complete the proposal form?
Visit this page for a complete list of proposal requirements.
If I would like to perform at the convention, how long of a program should I propose?
You may submit a proposal for a single piece or an entire concert. Because space is limited, you may be invited to play only a portion of the program you propose.
How do I submit supporting materials, such as recordings or program notes?
Supporting materials are required for all proposals. You may choose to upload these materials through the online proposal form or you may provide links to materials online. Once you have submitted the proposal, you will no longer be able to add supporting materials. Be sure you have included everything before submitting!
If I don’t have a pianist, will the NFA provide me with one?
You are responsible for hiring a pianist for your performance. Once your proposal has been accepted, you may contact the Program Chair for a list of pianists available for hire.
Will the NFA provide audiovisual equipment for my event?
You may request equipment from the NFA through your proposal application. All requests are subject to budgetary considerations and will require approval before proposal acceptance. If you omit A/V requirements from your proposal, or the requested A/V is not approved, you will be responsible for covering the expenses incurred.
When will I know if my proposal is accepted?
All applicants who have submitted a proposal will receive an email notification by the end of January 2018, whether or not their proposal has been accepted. Still have questions about the proposal process? Contact the NFA office at 312-332-6682.