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The National Flute Association has always functioned through inclusiveness and member participation. From the very beginning, NFA committees have played a critical role in guiding the organization’s mission and policies. Over the years, members have founded a great depth and breadth of committees, following their own passions and seeking to move the NFA and greater flute community forward.

NFA committees perform many functions: highlight less prominent areas of flute musicianship, such as low and Baroque flutes, promote diversity and reach out to underserved communities, provide pedagogical guidance, and more. The hard work and dedication of these groups enabled the NFA to establish many core parts of its mission and traditions, from commissioning new music and creating scholarships and competitions to fostering the careers of young flutists.

In these pages, learn more about the work of NFA committees and browse the resources these groups have put together for the benefit of the flute community.

To learn more about a committee, or to explore how you might get involved, please contact the committee chair. Contact information can be found on the appointee roster.