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Pedagogy Committee

The NFA Pedagogy Committee was formed to assist teachers of the flute at all levels in their quest for pedagogical excellence. To that end, the Pedagogy Committee has sponsored the publication of scholarly documents, including The Flutist's Guide: A Pedagogy Anthology, Vol. 1, 1998 and Vol. 2, 2012, as well as a series of graded repertoire and studies guides (published 2001, 2005, and 2009). The committee also strives to present a variety of informative and inspirational sessions at the annual convention. In recent years, the committee has instituted a Teachers’ Breakfast and High School Masterclass; both have become flagship pedagogical sessions held each year.

Excerpts from Pedagogy Anthologies available free for members
As an exclusive benefit for NFA members, we offer monthly excerpted articles from The Flutist’s Handbook: A Pedagogy Anthology, Volume 1 (1998) and Volume 2 (2012).  These influential texts contain a wealth of articles about pedagogy, tone, technique, performance, technology, performance health, and musical style. Every month, we will feature one of more than 60 articles—each authored by a respected flutist. The Flutist’s Handbook: A Pedagogy Anthology, Volumes 1 and 2 are available for sale in the NFA store.

You must be a current member to download the following files.

  • How to Practice by Jeffrey Khaner (Volume 1)
  • Positive Preparation for Practice by Katherine Borst Jones and Christopher Weait (Volume 1)
  • The Flute in Jazz: An Historical Overview by Jim Walker (Volume 1)
  • A Guide to Trill Choices in the Mozart G Major Concerto by Walfrid Kujala (Volume 1)
  • The Rise of the Masterclass by Trevor Wye (Volume 1)
  • Too Much Tongue in Tonguing by Donald Peck (Volume 1)
  • Contrary Finger Motion and the Three Little Devils of Flute Playing by Michel Debost (Volume 1)
  • Your Throat, Sinus and Mouth Resonances: Friends or Foes? by Roger Mather (Volume 1)
  • Breathing: The Central Issue of Flute Playing by Ransom Wilson (Volume 1)
  • Becoming a Team Player by Jeanne Baxtresser (Volume 1)
  • Baroque Performance Practices for the Modern Flutist by Anita Miller Rieder (Volume 1)
  • The Alexander Technique and Flute Playing by Alexander Murray (Volume 1)
  • Performance Jitters by Mark Thomas (Volume 1)
  • The Creation of Cosmic Sound by Toshio Takahashi (Volume 1)
  • Thirty Creative Seconds: Opening the Improvisational Door by Robert Dick (Volume 1)
  • The Alto Flute in G and the Bass Flute in C: The Flutist’s Approach to Playing These Instruments by Sarah Baird Fouse (Volume 1)
  • Finding Balance: Position, Posture, and Presentation by Angelita S. Floyd (Volume 1)
  • How Do YOU Finger B-flat? by Carol Kniebusch Noe (Volume 1)

Committee members:

  • Chair: Holly O. Clemans, B.Mus., M.Mus; Canton, Michigan 
  • Ronda Benson Ford, BME, M.Mus, DMA; Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Kathy Blocki, B.Mus, M.Mus; Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
  • Rebecca Dunnell, BFA, M.Mus, DMA; Maryville, Missouri  
  • Cassandra Eisenreich
  • Timothy Hagen
  • Deborah S. Johnson, B.Mus, MAT; Hastings, Nebraska
  • Rebecca Meador, B.Mus, BSEd, M.Mus, DMA, Topeka, Kansas 
  • Emily Nagelbach, ARCT, B.Mus, M.Mus, Victoria, BC, Canada