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NFA Poster: "Flutes At Work!"
16" x 20"
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Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Patti Adams--flutist and visual artist extraordinaire--the NFA is pleased to unveil "Flutes At Work." Recipient of the NFA’s 2014 Distinguished Service Award, Patti Adams has served our organization in many roles, including Board President, Gala Awards Dinner Chair, and Program Chair. Her latest offering will be a beautiful addition to every flutist's studio or home.




In my parallel life as a visual artist, I've been privileged to do many different types of art commissions over the years but this one has to be one of my all-time favorites: an art poster for the NFA! In celebration of our family of flutes, I've included twelve different instruments, everything from the pipes of pan to a sub contra bass flute. Everything is hand painted and hand lettered. The flourishing behind the title of the poster is made up of tiny key parts, levers and pads; an intriguing puzzle to put together! I wanted to include lots of colors and movement (ribbons and confetti!) to represent the vibrancy and diversity of our membership. My construction crew-at-work also represents all of us: anonymously going about our work for the NFA, an ever-changing group of faces that continue to do amazing volunteer work since the NFA's founding in 1972. Each character in the artwork has a task, all working together for the benefit of each other, the NFA and our family of flutes. I hope you enjoy looking at my visual love letter to the NFA. You'll find me in the bottom left hand corner!

-Patti Adams