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  • Get direct access to your target market (flutists, teachers, students, and others in the music business).
  • Expand and maintain your presence in the flute world.
  • Be seen in NFA publications – in print and online.

Advertising in The Flutist Quarterly, the annual NFA Convention Program Book, and puts your marketing message in front of professional musicians, students, educators, serious amateurs, and all players who are serious about the flute and piccolo. NFA members and others who read The Flutist Quarterly and visit the NFA’s website purchase flutes, accessories, and literature. They also influence others in their buying decisions. is the premier website address for the flute industry. It is the electronic link between the NFA and its 5,000 members and is a major draw for others because it offers a tremendous amount of flute-related news, resources, competitions, member directory, and national conference information.
NFA’s valuable and user-friendly website redesign is built to support a broad and deep range of flute information and activities—including those by the people most interested in purchasing and making purchasing decisions.

Your ad on will benefit from significant site activity. In a typical month there are approximately 31,000 unique and repeat visits (based on winter 2012) and 122,171 total page requests, giving you three months (or more) premium “electronic exposure” to your customers and prospective customers — and a link to your website! A limited number of online ads is available at any one time, and they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so act quickly to reserve.

Educational opportunities are especially important to NFA members. Thousands of NFA members flock annually to the four-day NFA convention—and read its Program Book before, during, and after the event. More than 220 pages, the Program Book provides performing artist information, details about concerts, workshops, presentations, and events, a full schedule, exhibitor information, a map of the convention center, information about the local area, and more.

Throughout the year, NFA members seek out additional educational workshops and summer programs, which are listed both on the NFA website and annually in The Flutist Quarterly, and they attend degree programs at colleges and universities. NFA members, site visitors, and publications readers are devoted to all things flute, making them an extremely well-targeted audience for your communication needs.

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