Hosted e-Blasts

Do you have a message you would like to share with NFA members? Reach more than 3,000 flutists from around the globe by sending a Hosted e-Blast. Send us your message, and we’ll send it on your behalf!
The NFA will accept your message in 2 different formats:

1. Microsoft Word Document: Please include text formatted as desired and embed images within the document. Please use standard fonts only (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica).

2. HTML File (Advanced): You may also supply the NFA with an html file from your web programmer.  The html document must utilize email-friendly html only (i.e. no javascript, iframes, background images or other advanced code).  Also, CSS styles must be inline. Please include images pre-sized and in the same directory as the html file. For technical questions about this service, please contact NFA Webmaster, Brian Covington, at

When ordering an e-Blast, please be sure to include the date on which you would like it sent and the subject line for your message.

The cost of a hosted e-Blast is $300 for NFA members and $400 for non-members.

Regional mailings are available as well. The minimum cost for a regional Hosted e-Blast is $100. For more information, or to order your Hosted e-Blast, please contact Executive Director, Kelly Jocius, at

The National Flute Association reserves the right to refuse to send a Hosted e-Blast for whatever reason NFA deems necessary. Each customer and its agencies are responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions and/or licenses required to use any of the content of their e-Blasts. NFA may require that a customer submit copies of such permissions and/or licenses along with e-Blast content. All customers and their agencies assume responsibility for the contents of their e-Blasts, and agree to indemnify NFA from all claims and expenses arising therefrom.