Boxwood Festivals - Outer Banks Flute Retreat

Date(s): 4/22/2017 - 4/28/2017
South Nags Head, NC
Location Information: Outer Banks
Guest Artist: Chris Norman
Web Site:
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Chris Norman
At this intensive flute workshop in a wonderfully relaxing and supportive environment, we’ll explore traditional dance music, airs, and vocal melodies from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton, Quebec and American Old-Time, as well as the baroque & renaissance. We will delve into playing backup, improvising and arranging as well as flute-specific topics including tone development, technique, ornamentation, phrasing, instruments and more. Chris Norman will lead classes on simple system wooden flutes, baroque and renaissance flutes, small pipes as well as sharing songs. The workshop is open to players of simple-system and modern Boehm system flutes. Visit for more information on this year’s retreat.
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