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Trevor Wye International Summer Course
Marshall, Anne
Wright, Julie
Wye, Trevor
The Trevor Wye Studio
Hastingleigh, Kent, South England  United Kingdom
Dates: 8/25/2018 - 9/1/2018
Play Level: Advanced Students, Teachers and aspiring Professionals
Ages: 18 - Adult - Also talented Younger students aged 14 - 18
Focus: All repertoire covered and daily exercises.
Number of Performers: 10
Performers Cost: from £945
Number of Participants:       2
Participants Cost: from £945
Number of Auditors: 2
Auditors Cost: from £945
Room and Board: included in above - no extra to pay
Deadline: 8/1/2018
Contact Information:
Julie Wright
Course Director
41 Devon Avenue
Middlesex TW26PN   
United Kingdom