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Santa Fe Flute Immersion: Unique, Collaborative, Fun!
Diehl, Alaina
Marianiello, Linda
Potter, Valerie
Redman, Carol
Rolfe, Wendy
Immaculate Heart Retreat Center
Santa Fe New Mexico USA
Dates: 5/28/2018 - 6/4/2018
Play Level: High school, college and professional
Ages: Age 14 and up
Focus: Baroque & modern flute/18th century repertoire
Number of Performers: 12
Performers Cost: $750
Number of Participants:       15
Participants Cost: Daily rate
Number of Auditors: 100
Auditors Cost: $400
Room and Board: Yes. Please request application at
Deadline: 5/1/2018
Contact Information:
Linda Marianiello
Artistic Director
7038 Camino Rojo
Santa Fe  New Mexico  87507