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20th Annual Summer Flute Retreat
Antkowiak-Etscheid, Jennifer
Badger, Anne
Carey, Gerald
Fleming, Darcie
Gillio, Sue
Huntington, Ellen
First Congregational Church, 1431 Fourth St, Peru IL 61354
Peru Illinois USA
Dates: 6/17/2018 - 6/23/2018
Play Level: All ability levels welcome
Ages: All ages welcome
Number of Performers: unlimited
Performers Cost: $325
Number of Participants:       unlimited
Participants Cost: $325
Number of Auditors: unlimited
Auditors Cost: $75/day
Room and Board: Housing with host families;
Deadline: 6/1/2018
Contact Information:
Sue Gillio
408 Fine Arts Factory
408 Fifth St
Peru Illinois  61354
815/223-4408 or 815/228-8204