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Floot Fire, Houston #1/Memorial (TX)
Agard, Lilia
Armanious, Ema
Clark, Kimberly
Edenfield, Mark
Gonzalez, Rocky
Grawunder, Teresa
Hinojosa, Jane
Hunt, Karen
Jurick, Melissa
Knudsen, Kim
Russell, Peggy
Santarelli, Mary
Selden, Vicky
Wiehe, Beth
Wiggs, Amy Saxton
Williamson, Vicky
Tallowood Baptist Church
Houston Texas USA
Dates: 6/24/2019 - 6/28/2019
Play Level: Middle School, High School
Ages: 6th-12th grade
Focus: Masterclass, electives, chamber music, flute choir
Number of Performers: No limit
Performers Cost: $350
Deadline: 6/16/2019
Contact Information:
Kimberly Clark
Executive Director, Floot Fire Inc.
7710 Cherry Park Dr. STE T #241
Houston Texas  77095