Young Member Resources

Welcome to the NFA’s resource library for young members. Below, you will find articles, videos, and links to other materials written and contributed by current NFA members. Selected for their relevance to our pre-college members, these resources include fingering and trill charts, lists of age-appropriate masterclasses, games, and articles that explore topics of special interest to young flutists. 

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Masterclass Listings

15th Annual New England Conservatory Summer Metropolitan Flute Festival Orchestra
Advanced high school, college, semi professional and professional flutists

2016 - Summer Music Academy Sinaia

2016 ARIA International Summer Academy - Session I

2016 ARIA International Summer Academy - Session II
16-28 years old

2016 ARIA International Summer Academy - Session III
16-28 years old

advanced high school to adult

advanced high school to adult

2016 VIENNA Luisa Sello Flute Masterclass
advanced high school to adult

22nd Annual Summer Course in the Alexander Technique
Any level

25th Flute Summer Course 'For the Contemporary Flutist' with Wil Offermans
flute students, flutists, flute-teachers

31st William Bennett International Flute Summer School
All levels from beginner to the professional

Applying to Music School: the Audition
high school sophomores and juniors

Baylor Flute Seminar 2016
high school to college (performers), adult/pro (pedagogy session)

Bonita Boyd International Flute Masterclass
high school to adult

Build Your Own Flute!

Build Your Own Head!

Credo Flute
14 and up

Expanding the Flute: Baroque, Shakuhachi and Contemporary flute traditions

Floot Fire Austin
grades 6-12

Floot Fire Boston
grades 6-12

Floot Fire Brownsville
grades 6-12

Floot Fire Dallas
grades 2-12

Floot Fire Evansville
middle school-high school

Floot Fire Houston
grades 6-12

Floot Fire New York
high school and above

Floot Fire Oklahoma City
grades 6-12

Flute Overhaul Techniques

Flute Padding Techniques

Flute! High School Camp
High School

Flute! in Crested Butte
Advanced HS/College/Adult

Flute! in Hawaii
Advanced HS/College/Adult

Flute! Masterclass in Repertoire and Performance
Advanced HS/College

Galway Flute Festival in Weggis
All ages

Gary Schocker Summer Master Class

International Flute Seminar Bruges IFSB
all age and levels

Ithaca College Summer Music Academy
students entering grades 10, 11 or 12

Jeffery Khaner Flute Class
All ages

Junior Artist Seminar
ages 13-17

Lamont School of Music Summer Academy
High school (some age exceptions)

Long Beach Flute Institute Summer Day Camp
middle and high school

Mansfield University Flute Camp Intensive for High School flutists
High School flutists

Marina Piccinini International Summer Flute and Piccolo Master Classes
Open to all ages

Mindy Kaufman MasterClass at Dwight-Englewood
12 to 19

National Flute Workshop at Shenandoah Conservatory

Oklahoma State University Music Camp
High School

Oxford Flute Summer School
from age 15

Passion Flute VIII
high school through adult


Robert Aitken in Italy 2016
From 16 through all ages

Santa Fe Flute Immersion
Ages 14 and up

Spring Flute Seminar
High school, college, adult amateurs and professionals

Summer Masterclasses for the Developing Musician
Middle School and High School Flutists

Texas Summer Flute Symposium
Advanced HIgh School, College and Professional

The Complete Flutist
High school and up

The Consummate Flutist 2016
High School, College, Amateur, Professional

The Flutist as Solist & Chamber Musician
Talented high school, college/conservatory/young professional

University of Minnesota Duluth 2nd Annual Flute Workshop
Adv. High School, College to Adult Amatuer

Wildacres Flute Retreat
16 to 85

William Bennett Summer Flute Academy