NFA Strategic Plan

Establish a year-round presence for the NFA, providing innovative resources
 that engage and strengthen our community

  • Enhance and improve the NFA website
  • Enhance and increase the NFA’s social media and email presence and activities
  • Strengthen our community partnerships

Increase membership and member benefits, ensuring future vitality of the Association

  • Develop programs that focus on new member acquisition and current member retention
  • Increase Member Benefits
  • Partner with outside organizations for increased awareness and visibility

Create the most dynamic and comprehensive Convention experience

  • Restructure the Convention program to ensure maximum attendance at the Convention, at individual events, and to provide multiple options every hour
  • Enhance international prestige and participation in NFA competitions
  • Provide an interactive, online program book and/or app
  • Restructure Convention planning
  • Restructure and expand the exhibit hall presence and experience

Plan and manage key financial measurements, ensuring future financial stability and growth

  • Increase ad sales in the Flutist Quarterly, Convention program book, website, and other relevant platforms
  • Improve visibility and consistency of NFA marketing
  • Increase and diversify NFA product offerings
  • Enhance and increase development efforts
  • Enhance and increase grant writing efforts

Prepared by the 2016-19 NFA Strategic Planning Committee

Jonathan Keeble, Chair
Hilary Abigana
Bonita Boyd
Beth Chandler
Angeleita Floyd
Aaron Goldman
Kelly Jocius
Cathy Miller
Sandy Saathoff
Rebecca Johnson, ex-officio

Approved by the NFA Board of Directors, March, 2016.