August 2009 Convention
New York, NY

Tallis: Spem in Alium

Tallis’s wonderful motet Spem in Alium was arranged for flutes by Trevor Wye for the 2008 British Flute Society in Manchester, where it was performed by a vast array of convention performers from university students to some of the biggest names in the flute world. My own official involvement was as copyist, preparing the score and parts from Wye’s manuscripts, and at the convention my role as official photographer meant that I was present at the performance to document the event.

I was very pleased, therefore, that there would be a further performance at the NFA convention, where I could take part in the performance (alto flute 2, choir 4). A performance of this kind is a huge undertaking, and Wye did an excellent job. The performers included many well-known players who worked together to create a wonderful sound. Wye’s conducting held the performance together (with the help of a red light that cued the beginning of each new section), and the eight choirs were accompanied by Mathias Ziegler and Peter Sheridan (contra bass flutes) with British pianist Tim Carey providing the figured bass line.
This was an opportunity to make new friends and to play some wonderful music, and an event which captured the spirit of a flute convention.

—Carla Rees