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Competition entrants will be notified by e-mail in late April concerning their application status.

This year the NFA sponsors 15 competitions (plus four scholarships) for its convention in Washington, D.C. in August 2015. Many award cash prizes. Application deadline is Tuesday, February 17, 2015, unless otherwise noted.

Solo: Young Artist ($5,000, $2,500, $1,000); High School ($500, $250, $150, special); Convention Performers; Baroque Flute Artist ($1500, $750, $400)

Flute Choir: Professional; Collegiate; High School; Jazz Flute Big Band

Masterclass: Masterclass Performers; Orchestral Audition and Masterclass ($750, $500, $250); Piccolo Masterclass; Jazz Flute Masterclass

Non-Performance: Flute Choir Composition (composers; $2,000); Graduate Research (scholars); Newly Published Music (publishers; deadline January 5, 2015)

Scholarships: Frances Blaisdell Convention (up to $500; deadline May 1, 2015) and Myrna Brown International (up to $1,500; deadline November 1, 2014) 

Performance Competitions

Among its 19 total competitions, the NFA sponsors 15 performance competitions to select outstanding flutists to perform at its conventions. Six are for soloists: Young Artist, Piccolo Artist (biennial), Baroque Flute Artist (triennial), High School Soloist, Convention Performers, and Jazz Soloist (biennial). Five are Masterclass competitions: Performers, Piccolo (biennial), Jazz Flute (biennial), Baroque Flute (triennial), and Orchestral Audition. Four are for flute choirs: High School, Professional, Collegiate, and Jazz Flute Big Band (biennial). Cash prizes are provided for Young Artist, Piccolo Artist, Baroque Artist, High School Soloist, and Orchestral Audition Competitions. In addition, two prizes are awarded to finalists in the High School Soloist competition. The first-place winner receives the Gilbert Scholarship prize, and the finalist who had the best performance of the newly commissioned work is awarded the Deveau scholarship. Both are cash prizes.

Non-Performance Competitions

The NFA proudly sponsors four non-performance competitions and two scholarships among its 19 flute competitions. The annual Newly Published Music Competition is for members of the music publishing business community. (The competition specifically discourages submissions from composers who make their music available on demand.) While submissions for the competition may be entered by anyone, the competition endeavors to recognize, in priority, the publisher. Winning publications that are performable works are performed during subsequent conventions and given high priority as required works for subsequent competitions sponsored by the National Flute Association. They also are reviewed in the NFA’s member publication, The Flutist Quarterly. Winners are determined by committees of judges drawn from NFA membership and assisted by specialists from the music community.

Also offered are the Flute Choir Composition Competition, for composers who write works for flute choir/flute orchestra (with a cash prize), the Graduate Research Competition, for recent master’s or doctoral graduates (with two winners invited to summarize their dissertations or other substantial research projects at the convention), and the Arts Venture Competition (biennial), designed to reward new thinking and viable, innovative ideas (with a cash prize).

The NFA thanks these organizations for their generous underwriting: Keefe Piccolo for the Piccolo Artist Competition, Conn/Selmer and Avanti Flutes for the High School Soloist Competition, and Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. for the Orchestral Audition Competition.

The Myrna Brown International Scholarship (biennial) is open to flutists from a “low income” or “lower middle income” country (as defined by the World Bank List of Economies) to appear at the convention. The Frances Blaisdell Convention Scholarship provides support for a high school or undergraduate student with financial need to attend the convention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to enter the competitions, what fees do I need to pay?
Fees vary for different competitions. They are listed on our Web site. In addition, you must join the NFA and pay dues for the year in which you audition. If you are chosen, you also must pay dues for the upcoming year in which you compete.
How do I enter a competition?
Download the Competition Flyer and Compeition Application Form above and follow the directions.
Do you list the competition winners on the web site?
Yes. A list of the competition winners can be found on the Competition Winners page.