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Baroque Flute Artist Competition

This competition will next be held at the 2024 NFA Convention.

The triennial Baroque Flute Artist Competition is for outstanding performers on baroque flute. Six entrants will be chosen to compete in this competition at the 2024 NFA Convention. All entrants must be 35 years of age or younger by the last day of the convention. Entrants may be required to show proof of age. Previous first-place winners of this competition are ineligible to compete again.

All repertoire must be performed on Baroque flute/traverso (with harpsichord when basso continuo is specified). All pieces should be played with repeats as written, with ornamentation at the performer's discretion.

      Competition Requirements*

      • All flutists must be current NFA members at the time the entry is submitted. If chosen to perform or present during the convention, flutists must also be current members at the time of the convention and register for the convention by July 1, 2024. To join or renew, go to
      • Completed entry
      • Uploaded files
      • $55 entry fee (paid during submission process)
      All entrants must submit their entry, upload recordings/supplemental materials, and pay competition and membership fees by 11:59 p.m. Central Standard Time, TBA.

      Below is the repertoire list from the 2021 Baroque Flute Artist Competition:

      Recorded Round Repertoire

      • G.P. Telemann, ed. Barthold Kuijken, Fantasia No. 7 in D Major TWV 40:8 (take all repeats) (Musica Rara)
      • Johann Sebastian Bach, ed. Hans-Peter Schmitz, Sonata in E Major BWV 1035, III. Siciliano (take all repeats) (Barenreiter)
      • François Couperin, Quatrième Concert from Concerts Royaux, I. Prélude (gravement), II. Allemande (légèrement), and IV. Courante à L’italiéne (take all repeats) (any edition)

      Semifinal Round Repertoire

      • Pietro Locatelli, Sonata in Bb, Op.2, No. 3, I. Andante and II. Largo (take all repeats) (any edition)
      • Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, Suite No. 6 in A Major from Six Suites de pièces, Op. 35, I. Prelude: Lentement and III. Ramage: Doucement, Gaiment (take all repeats) (any edition)
      • J.S. Bach, ed. Barthold Kuijken, Partita in A Minor BWV 1013, I. Allemande (only take the first repeat) (Breitkopf and Härtel)

      Final Round Repertoire

      Each finalist shall create a virtual program demonstrating artistic maturity, technical and tonal qualities, and knowledge of program design and balance excluding any repetitions of recorded round or semifinal round repertoire. Each program should be a maximum of 25 minutes (including time between movements, pieces, applause, etc.). Final round repertoire, including titles, movements, exact timings, composer's dates, and publishers must accompany the application. Finalists will be bound by their original selections. 

      *Competitions are subject to all rules and regulations on this page as well as the General Competition Information, Rules and Regulations. Incomplete entries will be subject to disqualification.


      Leighann Daihl Ragusa


      Those entering this competition may also may also be eligible to apply for the Frances Blaisdell Scholarship, which provides $1500 toward NFA convention expenses.