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Membership & Benefits

The NFA Library

NFA members receive borrowing privileges from the NFA Music Library Collection, located at the University of Arizona Fine Arts Library in Tucson, Arizona. The library has grown to house over 15,000 scores, including rare editions and out-of-print scores. 

Scores from the NFA Library may be circulated to NFA members within the U.S. and Canada and to people enrolled in or employed by the University of Arizona. 

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To Borrow from the NFA Library:


Step #1

Review the Borrowing Guidelines


Step #2

Browse the special collections on the NFA website or view the full NFA collection on the University of Arizona library website (link opens in new window). 


Step #3

Submit a Library Request Form. You may borrow up to five items at a time. 

Library Request Form


Step #4

Pay the $10 shipping fee online through the NFA store:

Pay Your Fee Online

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I borrow from the NFA Library?

Please visit the Borrowing Guidelines page for more information.

How many items may be borrowed at one time and are there any fees?

Up to five items may be borrowed at one time. There is a $10 shipping fee to cover all of the requested items.

What works are in the NFA Library Collection?

The collection has over 15,000 scores, all searchable through the University of Arizona online catalog. Visit the Borrowing Guidelines page for more information finding materials.

Can I donate music to the NFA Music Library?

We appreciate your considering this option. However, because of the NFA Music Library's strict collection requirements and space restrictions, we encourage you to find places to donate music within your community such as colleges or local music schools.