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Historical Flutes Committee


Our Mission

The Historical Flutes Committee promotes the playing and study of historical flutes from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century. 



Betty Bang Mather and Roger Mather Baroque Flute Study Program
In the spring of 2016, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, past president and longtime NFA member, Betty Bang Mather, shared her interest in donating to the NFA some of the baroque flutes belonging to her and Roger. First and foremost, she wanted her flutes to be well cared for and to be used by aspiring historical flutists, under the supervision of the Historical Flutes Committee.

The Mathers have generously donated six professional quality Baroque flutes to the NFA. All of the flutes are playable at A=415. In addition, one flute will play at A=440 and three will play at A=392.

The Historical Flutes Committee has created a mentorship program which allows NFA members to borrow flutes for a period of nine months (September to May) to study Baroque flute.
Specifics are as follows:

  • The study period is nine months, September—May.
  • Students must be members of the NFA.
  • Students must commit to regular lessons with a member of the Historical Flutes Committee, or a teacher approved by the committee. Skype lessons are acceptable.
  • Participating students will sign a contract that outlines the proper care and terms for use of the instrument.
  • At the conclusion of the program in May, students agree to pay to ship their flute (approximately $60.00) to Boaz Berney Historical Flutes for its annual inspection and maintenance.
  • Should repairs be needed beyond routine care and maintenance, students will be responsible for those costs. Instrument insurance will be required, and has been generously donated by Anderson Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC – the NFA endorsed Instrument Insurance Company.
  • Historical Flutes Committee member Michael Lynn serves as curator of the donated flutes, completing a biannual inventory.

For further information, please contact any Historical Flutes Committee member.