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Low Flutes Committee


Our Mission

The Low Flutes Committee seeks to engage and enrich flutists of all levels, ages, and backgrounds through fostering performance and educational opportunities, encouraging new repertoire, and spearheading new research for low flutes.



World premiere of "The Terrible Tubes Take Over The Town" by Greg Lutz

2018 NFA Convention in Orlando, FL


"Lemon Merengue Pie" by Paige Dashner Long

performed by members of the Low Flute Committee

"Marshal The Metal" by Jonathan Cohen

performed by members of the Low Flutes Committee


Costume Contest Winners

On October 31, 2021, the Low Flutes Committee hosted the online NFA event "The Low-Down on Low Flutes," which included a costume contest. Below are the winners.

LF CC Laura Gustavsen

Laura Gustavsen (New York)

LF CC Cheryl Lionarons

Cheryl Lionarons (Florida)

LF CC Linda Mintener

Linda Mintener (Wisconsin)

LF CC Alice Mullins

Alice Mullins (Idaho)

LF CC David Robbins

David Robbins (Louisiana)

LF CC Martha Uhey

Martha Uhey (California)