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The Endowment

The Endowment of the National Flute Association is a collection of donations given by members of the NFA since 1990, plus the investment income from these donations. To ensure the sustained success of our organization, these gifts cannot be spent, but their earnings can. When a donor makes a gift to the NFA Endowment, the NFA will manage and maintain that gift in perpetuity.

As our endowment has grown, the benefits of these enduring contributions have been felt throughout the organization. Every budgeted dollar of endowment earnings helps finance vital activities, including the commissioning of compelling new music for the flute family, historical recordings and special publications for the flute, and funding of diverse scholarships and competitions.

Your support helps ensure that the NFA can continue to provide the highest level of service to its membership and assures the next generation of a strong, vibrant, creative organization, dedicated to bringing inspiration and enrichment to the flute world.

While the NFA Endowment has grown substantially since its beginnings, the concept of the endowment remains the same: a guarded trust and an enduring asset that ensures the NFA’s permanence and its many activities.

Keeping the NFA financially secure is a responsibility we all share. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the NFA Endowment. You can designate your gift to any of these specific funds:

  • General Endowment Fund – used for special projects determined by the NFA board
  • Mary H. Anderson Fund – provides support to a college flute choir performing at the annual convention  
  • David Hart Fund – provides prizes for the Baroque Flute Artist Competition
  • Frances Blaisdell Fund – provides a scholarship for a high school or undergraduate student with financial need to attend the annual convention
  • Myrna Brown Fund – provides a scholarship to international artists from developing countries to attend the annual convention
  • Thomas Mease Fund – provides registration scholarships for the annual convention. Learn more about Thomas Mease.
  • Philip & Helena Swanson Fund - provides support to the NFA's Lesson Scholarships Program. Learn more about Philip & Helena Swanson.