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Job Notices

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Jobs & Internships

Please send any job posting related questions to the NFA Jobs Editor, Brice Smith, at this email

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NFA Job Board Approval Guidelines

Job listings that meet the following criteria will be approved for viewing with the potential to reach over 3,000 members.

  • Accepted categories include paid jobs and internships (paid or unpaid).
    • No listings for volunteer work will be approved.
  • The listing must include necessary information about next steps and how to apply (ex. Link to application portal or email address to send materials to).
  • Position and/or organization is flute or arts industry related.
  • Each listing should be for a single job opening. Separate positions should be individually.
  • Do not sell, promote, or advertise products or services.
  • Job listing should include language that is neutral and inclusive. (ex. Use “salesperson” instead of “salesman”).
    • Use of neutral language can help build more diverse teams and bring different perspectives to the workplace.

Examples of typical positions seen on the NFA Job Board include teaching positions, flute manufacturing jobs, arts administration positions, performance positions such as principal or second chairs, graduate assistant positions, or music librarians. We welcome other types of positions that align with the criteria stated above. 

Once your listing has been submitted, it will be approved or denied within the next two business days. Approved listings will immediately appear on the board. For listings that are denied, you will be notified as such with an email and the chance to update.