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Research Committee


Our Mission

The Research Committee serves to promote the value of research, elevate the level of scholarly writing among flute professionals, encourage the creation of new scholarly work to benefit the profession, and expose new and important scholarly work to an interested audience.



Committee members include award-winning collegiate faculty members, authors, historians, librarians, and writers with a strong background in both music research and flute.  The Committee also oversees and adjudicates the annual Graduate Research Competition.

Graduate Research Competition

In 2001, the NFA established an annual Graduate Research Competition for outstanding PhD/DMA thesis/dissertation/treatise/projects in order to promote the value of research and to expose new and important scholarly work to an interested audience.

A panel selects up to two winners for their outstanding contributions to flute study based on the quality of their writing, research, abstract, and proposal. Each winner will be invited to give a 25-minute presentation summarizing the important contributions of his/her project at the following NFA Convention.  The winners’ abstracts will be published in The Flutist Quarterly and each dissertation/thesis/treatise will be deposited in the NFA Music Library at the University of Arizona after review.

For more information, go to:
The Graduate Research Competition page