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Thank You, Supporters!


The National Flute Association extends its heartfelt thanks to the following individuals and organizations whose generous contributions help to sustain its operations, programs (such as cultural outreach, special commissions, and publications) and endowments. This list reflects donations received from February 1, 2023 - April 15, 2024.

Harmony Circle

The NFA recognizes donors who make annual gifts of $500 or more in support of our artistic and educational mission. Harmony Circle donors enjoy enhanced recognition as well as special opportunities to deepen their engagement with the NFA.

Luminary ($50,000 and above)

The Estate of Darlene R. Dugan

Champion ($20,000 to $49,999)

Andrew F. and Mary H. Anderson Charitable Foundation
Janet Romanishin
     In memory of Philip J. Swanson
Steven Wilson
     In memory of Thomas Mease

Partner ($10,000 to $19,999)

Angeleita Floyd
Hal Ide

Patron ($1,000 to $2,499)

Katherine Borst Jones
In memory of Fred Nyline
Roberta Brokaw
Gerald Carey
Beth Chandler Cahill
Zart Dombourian-Eby
Penelope and Ken Fischer
Jennifer Grim
Christopher Kemsley and Stellar Solutions
Julie Maisel
In memory of John Raphael (Raphy) Doyle
JoZach J. Miller
George S. Pope
Sydnee Stein Lalwani
Judith Thomas
In memory of Mark Thomas
Nancy Toff

Contributor - $500+

The Abell Flute Co. 
Laura Benning
Timothy Bower
Leone Buyse
Nancy C. Clew
Tadeu Coelho
Ken Fischer
 In honor of Penny Fischer
Leonard Garrison
Patricia Harper
Alexandra Hawley
Rebecca Johnson
Rose V. Johnson
Gail E. Looney
Martin Melicharek III
Muramatsu America
Jenny Smith Cline
Hannah Woods Stallman
  In memory of Robert Stallman
Penny Zent
  In memory of Thomas Mease, Fred Nyline, and David Basset

Friends of the NFA

Be on the forefront of our flute community: join Friends of the NFA with an annual contribution to support our mission of inspiring flutists and enriching lives.

Contributing Friend - $250+

Asako Arai
Diane Barton-Brown
Joanna Bassett
Lisa Bost-Sandberg
Sheryl Cohen
Shelley Collins
Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington
Diane Couzens
Judy Diez d’Aux
Tabatha Easley
Noreen B. Friedman
Susan Greenberg Norman
Dennis R. Hartung
Regina Helcher Yost
Jill Heyboer
David Houston
Trudy Kane
Jonathan Keeble
Cynthia Kelley
Frances Lapp Averitt
Cynthia McCorkindale

Wendy Mehne
Linda Mintener
Susan Morris De Jong
Lisa Norton
Elvin Parson
Teresa Peck
Deborah L. Ragsdale
Helen Ann Shanley
In honor of Walfrid and Sherry Kujala
Janice Smith
Monica Song
Alejandro Mendez Susaeta
Lynn Tiemeyer
Nancy M. Vinson
Mike and Kathy Williams
Michael Williams

Supporting Friend - $100

Patti Adams
Robert Aitken
Angela Allen Sherzer
Hideko Amano-Katsma
Francesca Arnone
Linda Bailey
Nannette Bernard
Bonita Boyd
Deborah Braun
Claudia H. Brill
Tod Brody
Donna Calif
Jimmy Carmenate
Holly O. Clemans
Richard L. Dalton
Maria Luisa De La Cerda Rohde
Karen B. Demsey
Nancy Driver
Miriam Duell Moore
Kyle Dzapo
William J. Egnatoff
Jennifer Elliott
Jill Felber
Steven P. Finley
Christine Fish Moulton
Lynne Fowlkes
    In memory of Dr. George Morey
Lisa Garner Santa
Janet Garver
Kimberlee Goodman
Penny Griffy

Eileen Grycky
Lindsay Hager
Karen L. Hansen
Kathy Henkel
Marie Jureit-Beamish
Gay Kahkonen
Sue Ann Kahn
Daniel Kessner
Alice Kogan Weinreb
Marjorie Koharski
Robert Kvidt
Marlee Lindon
Deborah MacMurray
Rebecca Malone
Katherine H. McClure
Paul McEntire
Richard A. McPherson
Dorli McWayne
Kathy Melago
    In memory of Stacey Steele
Danilo Mezzadri
    In memory of Ivo Mezzadri
Donna Moore
Sanae Nakayama
Edith K. Nishimura
Rik Noyce
Ellen Ochoa
Townes Osborn Miller
Laura Paarmann
Simon Polack: Early Flutes
Robert Pritchard

Irene Pruzan
Jessica Raposo
Deborah Rebeck Ash
Mary Kay Robinson
Paula Robison
Wendy H. Rolfe
 In memory of Robert Willoughby
Sue A. Rupp
Mary Schneider
Meerenai Shim
Sign of the Silver Birch Music
Christina Smith
Lucille Snell
Kimberly Strickland
Barbara P. Stuckey
Robin Sykes
Rae P. Terpenning
Leslie Timmons
Rebecca Tryon Andres
Doris Underwood Reinhardt
Peggy Vagts
Julie K. Vasquez
Albert Vreeland
Margaret Walsh Haik
Stephanie A. Wheeler
Connor Williams
Windward Flutes Ltd. 
Sue Woodhall

All gifts of $100 or more are listed here for one year of gift date. Gifts of $25 or more will be listed in the printed Annual Convention Program Book. 

Convention Sponsors

Diamond ($15,000 - $24,999)

Wm S. Haynes Company

Platinum ($7,500 - $14,999)

Yamaha Corporation of America

Gold ($4,500 - $7,499)

Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, Inc. 
Altus Handmade Flutes
Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. 
Laurie Sokoloff
Di Zhao Flutes 

Silver ($2,000 - $4,499)

Flute Specialists, Inc.
Keefe Piccolos
Powell Flutes

Foundation & Government Support

National Endowment for the Arts
Illinois Arts Council
Acción Cultural Española
Arizona Community Foundation

NFA Legacy Circle

Amy Rice Blumenthal
Roberta Brokaw
Leone Buyse
Beth Chandler Cahill
Gerald V. Carey
Carol Dale
Zart Dombourian-Eby
The Estate of Darlene R. Dugan
Linda and Harry Fegley
Leonard Garrison
Joanne Gaul
Kimberlee Goodman
Hal Ide
Rose V. Johnson
Katherine Borst Jones
Deborah MacMurray
Julie Maisel
Linda Mintener
Carol Kniebusch Noe
George S. Pope
Ali Ryerson

Haynes Challenge

In celebration of “125 Years of Exquisite Flutemaking,” the Wm. S. Haynes Co. made a $125,000 gift to the NFA and sponsored a matching challenge to raise an additional $125,000 in member donations. This goal was reached in December 2019! Learn more