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Founded by Mark Thomas in 1972 and incorporated in 1973, the National Flute Association has a rich and vibrant history. Over the past five decades, our initiatives have grown as our organization has evolved—from a black-and-white newsletter to our full-color and full-length Flutist Quarterly magazine, from a small gathering of flutists in Anaheim, CA, in 1973 to an annual national convention with attendance in the thousands. Below, you'll find a collection of pages that help tell the story of the NFA.

A Brief History: The Evolution of the National Flute Association, Inc. 

Created for the NFA 50th Anniversary Convention in Chicago by Elizabeth Buck, Chair of the Archives and Oral History Committee, with Nancy Toff as historian.

Historical Pages


Achievement Awards

Listed here are past Lifetime Achievement Award and National Flute Association Distinguished Service Award winners. (Pictured: Hubert Laws)

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Listed here are the works commissioned by the NFA. The NFA has shepherded more than 90 new works into the musical world.

Competition Finalists 1

Competition Winners

Listed here are past winners of NFA competitions. These flutists have gone on to positions in the nation’s leading institutions.

Fairbanks Flute Choir

Convention Chronicles

NFA members share reports from past NFA Conventions. Learn more about what you can expect from four days of everything flute.


The Founders

Listed here is the first Board of Directors from 1973 and the 77 charter members of our first convention. (Pictured: Mark Thomas)

betty bang mather card

Past Presidents

Listed here are all of the past Presidents of the National Flute Association Board of Directors since 1973. (Pictured: Betty Bang Mather)


Past Program Books

Linked here are copies of past convention program books detailing the events of our conventions.

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Past Program Chairs

Listed here are all of the past Program Chairs for the National Flute Association Conventions since 1973. (Pictured: Jennifer Grim)