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Young Artist Mentorship Program

The Young Artist Mentorship Program (YAMP) provides professional growth opportunities for minority college students and recent graduates as they navigate their musical journeys. The young artists selected for this program will represent the NFA as ambassadors and role models and will be paired with minority mentors who are established in their fields.

The Young Artist Mentorship Program is free to take part in and is supported by the NFA Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


The YAMP will operate in two semesters—Fall (September-December) and Spring (January-May)—and consist of a group of four to six mentors and four to six protégés, meeting one-on-one bi-weekly and as a large group every two to three months, at least once a semester.

One-one-one meetings

Throughout each semester, mentors and protégés will meet to engage in career development activities such as (but not limited to): discussing career goals, cultivating networking opportunities, creating a digital presence, exploring grant and proposal opportunities, building a flute studio, and other related topics. Protégés are encouraged to formulate questions and project ideas related to their mentors' experience. These meetings will not serve as supplementary lessons.

Large group meetings

Every two to three months, all YAMP participants (both mentors and protégés) will meet as a group. Group meetings will act as networking opportunities and safe spaces where protégés can share their current projects and connect with their fellow protégés as well as other YAMP mentors. These meetings may involve guest speakers, career development conversations, and discussions of individual protégé projects or strengths—a coming together where all involved benefit from the unique perspective and wisdom of the group as a whole. 

Application Requirements

Please read through the description above to ensure that you're suited for this program. In addition, each applicant must:

  1. Be a member of the NFA.
  2. Identity with a minority group (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, flutists with disabilities, etc.).
  3. Submit a 500-word essay on their qualifications for this program and how this program will benefit them in their musical career. (We encourage applications from individuals who are involved in career paths/fields of study beyond music performance, such as music therapy, administration, education, and business.)
  4. Submit video recordings of up to fifteen minutes, consisting of two contrasting works. While not required, diversity of repertoire is encouraged.
  5. Include contact information for two references who will be contacted for recommendation letters upon receipt of completed application.

The application deadline for fall 2021 has passed.