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Low Flutes Committee

The mission of the Low Flutes Committee is to engage and enrich flutists of all levels, ages, and backgrounds through fostering performance and educational opportunities, encouraging new repertoire, and spearheading new research for low flutes.

Committee Members

Paige Dashner Long (Committee Chair), internationally recognized flutist, contrabass flutist, and award-winning composer, is an Altus Flutes Performing Artist, directs Metropolitan Flute Orchestra in summer residence at New England Conservatory, Daytona State College Flute Choir, and Florida Flute Orchestra. She is adjunct flute professor at Daytona State College, chairperson of the Low Flutes Committee, and past president of the Greater Boston Flute Association.

Deborah Rebeck Ash, DMA University of Michigan, toured the world on alto flute with the International and Metropolitan Flute Orchestras, plays alto and bass with the Michigan Flute Orchestra, directs the SEMFA Flute Choir, teaches flute at Emerson School, and was chosen to perform as a soloist on alto and bass at the 2020 International Low Flute Festival in Japan.

Mariana Gariazzo
 holds academic positions at Texas A&M University and The University of Illinois at Chicago. She holds an MM from Yale University and a DMA from the University of Texas at Austin. She actively collaborates with composers in commissioning, recording, and performing new music for C, alto, and bass flutes. She chairs the NFA Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Marion Garver is a San Diego-based low and Kingma flutes specialist. She holds degrees from California Institute of the Arts and UCSD. She is a member of the Low Flutes Committee, NFA, and is the Low Flutes Advisor of the Flute Guild of Calgary.

Dorli McWayne has been involved with low flutes since founding the Fairbanks Flutists (1981) and was a charter alto in the Professional Flute Choir. She has since moved down to bass. A former coordinator of the NFA’s Flute Choirs and Collegiate Flute Choir Competition, she is on the faculty of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.



Chris Potter is an internationally recognized alto and bass flute expert and has commissioned and premiered many new pieces for the instruments. She is also well known as an arranger and conductor of works for low flute ensemble. Her many published books are available around the world.

Carla Rees works at the forefront of innovation in low flutes, performing on Kingma system instruments and developing new repertoire. Her international career has included several hundred premieres and a discography of over 20 discs. She has almost 100 published compositions/arrangements and is regularly heard on BBC radio. She is the director of specialist low flutes publishing company Tetractys and editor of Pan (British Flute Society).

Brice Smith is Adjunct Flute Professor at Adam’s State University and Flute Instructor for Indiana University’s Flute Academy. He recently commissioned and performed ‘Move It’ for solo flute at the NFA Summer Series. In addition to the Low Flutes Committee, he serves on the executive board of the Texas Flute Society, is recently published in The Flute View magazine, and is a Trevor James Alto Flute Artist.

Lynne Stukart is an Altus Flutes Performing Artist and Low Flutes Specialist. She received her MM from the University of Akron, where she was a TA to George Pope. Lynne is a member of the music faculty at BHC, is president of the QCFA, and has commissioned new works for flute. Her teachers include Peter Lloyd, Amy Porter, and George Pope.