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Job-Hunting Tips

May 28, 2019, 13:54 PM by Kate Blair

By Patricia Surman, former NFA Jobs Editor

One of the really terrific aspects of music is its many different career possibilities. Regardless of your career goals, here are three simple ideas to make yourself more hirable:

1. Create an Outstanding Professional Portfolio 

Present the most polished and professional image of yourself through your playing, teaching, media (audio, video and photos), and resume.

2. Cultivate Outstanding Communication Habits

Learn to be clear and kind in your written and oral communication; chances are you will need this skill! Learn to communicate well over the phone and in person. It is amazing how quickly miscommunication can develop, so take a step back and analyze how others perceive you. Are you communicating what you want?

3. Be Patient!

Attaining that dream job – whether it is playing, teaching, or another area in the music industry – takes perseverance. Develop your craft and build a network of mentors and colleagues while continuing to work toward your goal. It might take longer than you expect; it might be more work than you thought; the sacrifices may be greater than you want, but that’s the reality. People rarely look back and regret working hard!

To help with your job-seeking endeavors, check out the NFA Jobs Board. This listing on the NFA website is a fantastic resource for members to find out about flute jobs. You can find listings for orchestral positions, teaching opportunities, graduate assistantships, and many other jobs in the flute world. If you are looking to hire someone or know of a position that would be of interest to our NFA members, submit your job now.