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Introducing the NFA's New Volunteers

Nov 4, 2019, 12:31 PM by Kelly Jocius
Today, it is our pleasure to recognize the new NFA volunteers. Most officially began their terms on November 1, but all of them have already been hard at work to ensure the success of a wide variety of NFA programs and initiatives.
Nicole Molumby, Board Secretary
Katherine Emeneth, Board Assistant Secretary
Carol Dale, Board Member
Phyllis Adivan Louke, Board Member
John McMurtery, Board Member
Meghan Bennett, Junior Soloist Competition Coordinator
Vanessa Fourla, 2020 Assistant Convention Program Chair
Jennifer Grim, 2020 Convention Program Chair
Matt Johnston, International Liaison
Gwyn Jones, Jazz Artist Competition Coordinator
Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl, World Music Committee Chair
John Lane, General Competitions Coordinator
Deborah MacMurray, 2021 Assistant Convention Program Chair
Colleen McElroy, Membership Committee Chair
Ellen Johnson Mosley, Development Committee Chair
Rachel Ordaz, Piccolo Artist and Piccolo Orchestral Audition & Masterclass Competition Coordinator
Ali Ryerson, 2021 Convention Program Chair
Lucy Snell, Flute Choir Composition Competition Coordinator
Lindsey Leach Sparks, High School Flute Choir Competition Coordinator
Alexa Still, Past Presidents Council Chair
Michael Stoune, Special Publications Committee Chair
Kim (Scott) Strickland, Jazz Flute Masterclass Competition Coordinator
Amy (I-Yun) Tu, High School Soloist Competition Coordinator
Julee Kim Walker, Local Arrangements Chair
Eileen Yarrison, Professional Flute Choir Competition Coordinator
Please join us in thanking them for donating their time and talents for the benefit of NFA members!
To all our volunteers, we look forward to working closely with you to make your service fulfilling and to advance the NFA mission of Inspiring Flutists, Enriching Lives.