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Flute and Percussion

by Hannah Weiss


This lunch-time concert and its impressive variety of drums, flutes, and electronic soundscapes provided attendees with a departure from the usual flute and piano program. A tasteful marriage between state-of-the-art technology and primitive instruments created an intersection with something for everyone.

University of Utah percussion faculty helped bring these dynamic pieces to life with expert stage changes, flexible program adjustments, and demonstrative introductory comments. The audience was delighted to hear the premiere of Molly Joyce’s “Light to Dark,” featuring triangle, marimba, C and alto flutes, and electronic sounds performed by Kathryn Eagles and percussionist Christopher Eagles.

One of the concert’s highlights was the heartfelt moment in which the audience embraced with smiles and warm applause Katherine Hoover’s widower, Richard Goodwin. He was in attendance for the revival of her multi-movement work, Canyon Shadows, sensitively arranged and beautifully performed by Joanne Lazzaro with the help of Sarah Kay Vernes and percussionist Charlie Lowrey.



Music Fl and Percussion photo by Hannah Weiss