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Gergely Ittzés and Hélène Boulègue


by Shantell Hillius


Attending NFA was a whirlwind of amazing flute performances, and I got to hear many new pieces I would love to play one day! 

One of the recitals I attended was performed by Gergely Ittzés and Hélène Boulègue. This was an amazing combination of players to put on the same recital. Both instrumentalists played with passion and incredible technique. It was so inspiring! They both had distinct ways of expressing themselves through movement while they played. 

One piece in this recital that really stuck out for me was “Nomos” by Markus Brönnimann and performed by Boulègue. It incorporated many extended techniques, but not in a way that was overdone. I especially liked the ending where Boulègue actually whistled the pitch she had just played as a whistle tone on the flute. This also resonated throughout the audience, as there was a lot of excited murmuring following the performance of the piece. 

Overall, it was a fantastic recital and I am so glad that I attended it.