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Great Salt Lake Flute Orchestra

Conducted by John Bailey

by Phyllis Avidan Louke


Each year, coordinator Kathy Farmer organizes a seating chart and distributes music in advance to at least a couple of hundred convention flutists who get together and perform an hour long concert following the General Meeting that opens the National Flute Association Convention.  To say that this ensemble was a forest of flutes, is an understatement for sure. This year’s Great Salt Lake Flute Orchestra, conducted by John Bailey, had 140 flutists, which included 8 contrabass flutes and one double contrabass flute.

The concert opened with the Light Cavalry Overture by von Suppe, followed by "Calliope Capers" from Suite for Flute Ensemble by Ladd McIntosh.  Next was "La Boutique Fantasque" by Rossini, two movements from L’Arlesienne Suite by Bizet and "Puffin’ Billy" by Edward White.