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High School Flute Choir Concert 

by Phyllis Avidan Louke


The High School Flute Choir Concert, conducted by Cassandra Eisenreich, performed a high-energy program. Music included Lisa Ochoco’s arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody by Freddie Mercury, Jen Mclachlen’s “Dusty Chesterfield: Dirty Couch or Super Spy?,” Greg Lutz’s “Turtle and Rabbit” with narration by Wendy Webb Kumer, “Romanian Dance” by Gay Kahkonen, Sophie Dufeutrelle’s “In Concert,” the world premiere of Stephen Barr’s “L’effet papillon,” and Ernesto Fernandez’s “Danzon Nuestra Vida” with soloist Ernesto Fernandez.

In the last piece, quite a few of the students “took the plunge” to take a solo and play energetically and convincingly.