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Sunday Gala Concert and Closing Ceremonies

by Linda Kirkpatrick

The Sunday Gala Concert and Closing Ceremonies for the 47th annual NFA Convention included a record-setting low flute choir, soloists, duets, and the traditional final performance by convention attendees of J. S. Bach’s “Air” from the Orchestral Suite in D, BWV 1068. 

Jill Felber and Claudia Anderson of ZAWA! performed “Snap!” for flute duo and electronics; Viviana Guzman performed Gluck’s “Dance of the Blessed Spirits” with the NFA professional flute choir, arranged by bass flutist member Dorli McWayne. Bonita Boyd, in collaboration with Dianne Frazer, piano, performed “South Wind: Zephyr” from Katherine Hoover’s Four Winds.

Peter Verhoyen, piccolo soloist, with Frazer, delivered an entertaining performance of Sarasate’s “Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20,” displaying much bravura and humor.

Eva Amsler graced us with Marin Marais’ “Les Folies d’Espagne,” and Ali Ryerson shared her tender arrangement of J. S. Bach’s “Siciliano” from the Sonata in E-flat Major, BWV 1031.

Léa Freire, a Grammy-winning composer/flutist/pianist, performed her composition “Fe” with Ryerson. Katherine Borst Jones and George Pope, with Frazer, performed “Town Light” by Yuko Uebayashi while NFA president Joanna Bassett recited the names of people who have passed on.

Fifteen contrabass flutists who were members of the Double Down Throw Down Low Flute Choir performed the piano part of the Bach “Air” in place of the traditional piano accompaniment. Pamela Youngblood, professor and chair of the music and theater department at Texas Woman’s University and the NFA’s general competitions coordinator, conducted the closing number.