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50th Annual National Flute Association Convention

Chicago, IL


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Golden Anniversary Awards


As a tribute to the myriad significant contributions by flutists and other musicians, and in celebration of our 50th anniversary, the National Flute Association will honor "unsung heroes." The NFA invites its members to nominate individuals in the flute and flute-related fields who have contributed significantly to the betterment of their communities, who have made positive impacts serving others, and whose work merits broader recognition. The awardees will be celebrated throughout the NFA’s 50th year, culminating with a presentation at the 2022 NFA Convention. The Golden Anniversary Awards will be in lieu of the Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Service awards for the year.

You're welcome to nominate yourself and/or multiple people (whether they're NFA members or not); simply fill out the nomination form for each person you'd like to nominate. All materials are due by 11:59 p.m. central on December 1, 2021.


Selection Committee Charge:

In its assessments, the Golden Anniversary Award selection committee will pay particular attention to matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion and shall strive to select individuals from a broad range of geographic and experiential backgrounds. Awardees may be flutists and non-flutists but should demonstrate impactful work on behalf of the field.


  • Only NFA members may submit nominations.

  • Self-nominations are welcome.

  • There is no age or nationality restriction on nominees.

  • Nominations are limited to individuals and may be awarded posthumously.

  • Past and present NFA officers, program chairs, Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, Distinguished Service Award recipients, and staff are not eligible. Board members from the past five years are also not eligible.

  • Nomination letters (500 words maximum) should highlight how the nominee contributed significantly to the betterment of their community and why their work merits broader recognition.

  • A one-page biography of the nominee must be included.

  • Optional supplementary materials may include:

    • Written testimonials (maximum of three, not to exceed 300 words each)

    • Audio or visual testimonials (not to exceed three minutes in length)

  • The Committee reserves the right to request additional information as needed.

Golden Anniversary Award Nomination Form

The nominator must be an NFA member.

Are you a member of the NFA?
Is the nominee a past or present NFA officer, Program Chair, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Distinguished Service Award recipient, or staff member, or a Board member from the past five years?
Nominee biography

You may upload a biography document (PDF, Word doc, etc.) or use the text box below to either type in a bio or to link to an existing online bio.

Optional Supplementary Materials

If you'd like to supplement your application with additional materials, you may submit audio or visual testimonials (no longer than three minutes each) and/or up to three written testimonials (no longer than 300 words each).

Supplemental Materials
Add another

All materials are due by 11:59 p.m. central on December 1, 2021.