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FluteXpansions Sonic Immersion

Virtual Event


All professional, post-graduate, graduate, or undergraduate flutists are invited to learn and expand your skills in performing and teaching contemporary flute music and sounds. Sonic Immersion is 9 days of curiosity-driven exploration and learning with a dynamic team of internationally renowned contemporary flute specialists who are going to share all the secrets behind mastering the skills you want, such as: extended techniques, improvisation, hybrid arts, electronics basics, somatic/mindset skills, composition, and masterclasses. After 9 days in FX Sonic Immersion, you will be a sonic magician as you: Open any score and KNOW how to play it and create the sounds, even if you were new to them; Give people an experience they never dreamed of having at a flute recital with exciting program and concert ideas; Feel like a Rockstar when improvising AND know exactly how to incorporate this into your daily practice and teaching even if you've never done it before; Slide right out of that mid-piece motivation slump and get to the fun polishing stage sooner; Know exactly how to prepare pieces with electronics and what to tell the tech people; Cultivate a mindset of confidence and trust your own interpretation ideas when performing. All of this happens from the comfort and security of your own home, so you can avoid all of the complications of travel post-Covid. We use cutting-edge technology, so we can create and perform music together in real-time. Best part? You learn how to use these cutting-edge tech tools! See website for full details.

Guest Artist

Shanna Pranaitis (course coordinator), Matthias Ziegler, Ine Vanoeveren, Hilary Abigana, Eric Lamb, Lisa Bost-Sandberg, Jane Rigler, Melody Chua, Morgann Davis, Meereai Shim


Sliding Scale Tuition (see website), Equity Scholarships