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The Haynes Challenge

NFA Endowment Wm. S. Haynes Co. Challenge

In celebration of “125 Years of Exquisite Flutemaking,” the Wm. S. Haynes Co. has made a $125,000, 10-year commitment to the National Flute Association, for the years 2013-2022. The intent of this donation is to help the NFA present fine international flutists to attend and perform at the NFA Annual Conventions. 

In addition, the Wm. S. Haynes Co. has joined with the NFA to sponsor a matching challenge to raise an additional $125,000 in member donations to the NFA General Endowment Fund by 2022. The General Endowment Fund enables the NFA to provide compelling new music commissions for the flute family, historical recordings and special publications for the flute, and funding of diverse scholarships and competitions.

Please consider donating today to the NFA General Endowment Fund, and designating your contribution to be a part of the NFA Endowment Wm. S Haynes Co. Challenge.