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Performing for Amanda Harberg’s Prayer Project provided an emotional homeostasis for me during this unprecedented time. Even though I miss face-to-face collaboration, I enjoyed making music with others over a digital medium. 
–Isaiah Shaw

Recording the video of my part, I experienced the emptiness of the orphaned chamber music hall of the Gewandhaus in Leipzig and at the same time the strong emotion of being heard all over the world.  It was magical and heart-warming. I hope very much that sharing music, friendship, and generosity will continue long after the corona crisis is over! 
–Gudrun Hinze

I’m thrilled to be able to add my voice to our community of musicians. In this period of uncertainty, Amanda’s Prayer gave me a way to express my hope for the future and love for those who are dealing with so many kinds of loss.
–Sally Foreman Humphries








Composed and arranged by Amanda Harberg
Conducted by JoAnn Falletta

Produced by Amanda Harberg and Micah Fink

Edited by Micah Fink

Final mix by Ryan Streber, Oktaven Audio

Web design and consultant Ulla Suokko

In association with the National Flute Association



Mélanie Genin



Andrew Bambridge


The Flute Orchestra



Robert Langevin

Erica Peel


Piccolo 1

Zart Dombourian-Eby

Pamela Stahel

Nicola Mazzanti

Lindsay Leach Sparks

Marta Rossi

Erica Peel


Piccolo 2

Gudrun Hinze

Mary Ann Archer

Peter Verhoyen

Regina Helcher Yost

Patricia Lazzara

Chelsea Kaye Anderson


Flute 1

Amy Porter

Angela Massey

Erika Boysen

Eve Marie Nezich

Jennifer Grim

Julietta Curenton

Rena Urso

Tara Rozanski

Robert Langevin


Flute 2

Trudy Kane

Chelsea Davis

Dilshad Posnack 

Joanna Bassett

Laura Dwyer

Nancy Stagnitta

Snježana Pavićević


Flute 3

Asako Arai

Christine Gustafson

Jennifer Parker-Harley

Mercè Medina Estelrich

John McMurtery

Lucian Rinando

Pam Youngblood

Coreisa Janelle Lee

Caroline Sonett-Assor

Chelsea Davis

Emily J. Butterfield


Flute 4

Caroline Sonett-Assor

Nicole Chamberlain

Svjetlana Kabalin

Anna K. Meyer

John Bailey

Noelia Miranda Gutierrez


Flute 5

Deb Harris

Michael Alampi

Hilary Abigana

Martha Wadlington Buck

Sally Foreman Humphreys

Spencer Hartman


Flute 6

Marie Schwartz

Jeannie Fessenden

Isaiah Shaw

Natasha Loomis

Paul Novak

Susan M. Davis

Wendy Luck

Mina Valtcheva

Hilary Abigana



Alto Flute 1

Penny Zent

Carole Bean

Deborah Rebeck Ash

Eileen Grycky

Matthew Roitstein

Rose Johnson

Christopher Chaffee


Alto Flute 2

Virginia Schulze-Johnson

Barbara Ogar

Gretchen Pusch

Hal Ide

Mindy Kaufman

Eileen Grycky

Sascha Rathey

Sharyn Byer

Matthew Roitstein


Alto Flute 3

Darla Wilmot

Pamela Sklar

Peter Westbrook

Sascha Rathey

Sharyn Byer

Stefanie Janin



Bass Flute 1

Wendy Stern

Katherine Emeneth

Christine E. Beard

Lish Lindsay

Nan Raphael

Janet Somers


Bass Flute 2

Cobus du Toit

Kim Hickey

Elise Carter

Jenny Cline

Kerm Towler

Wendy Stern


Contrabass Flute

Phyllis Avidan Louke

Jonathan Cohen

Ned NcGowan

Sydnee Stein

Paige Dashner Long