Proposal Information

The deadline for non-flute choir proposals has passed and these proposals are no longer being accepted. The deadline for flute choir proposals is November 15.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for the 2018 Annual NFA Convention.

Each NFA member may submit up to three proposals, but each must be in a different category. For example, an applicant may submit one solo performance, one chamber performance, and one lecture, but not two solo performances and one lecture.

Applicants will receive an email notification by the end of January 2018, whether or not their proposals have been accepted. Please note that it is common for only a portion of a proposal to be accepted.

By submitting your proposal, you agree to perform/present, if accepted, on the assigned date and time.

The proposal is comprised of 6 pages:

  • General Program Information
  • Program Works
  • Performer/Presenter Bios
  • Equipment Request
  • Supporting Materials (NOTE: Supporting materials must be uploaded as part of the proposal, using the online form. No supporting materials will be accepted after the proposal has been submitted.)
  • Review

Following is a list of items and information that will be required for the proposal.
When you are ready to begin the proposal submission, click the link at the bottom of this page.

Type of Event

  • Solo Performance  (alone or with keyboard or electronics)
  • Chamber Performance
  • Flute Choir Performance (all ensembles of five or more flutes)
  • Workshop
  • Lecture
  • Lecture-Recital
  • Panel

General Program Information

Personal Information
Event Information
Focus Categories (select all that apply)

  • Amateur
  • Career Development
  • Flute
  • Flute Choir
  • Flute Clubs
  • Historical Flutes
  • Jazz
  • Low Flutes
  • Pedagogy
  • Piccolo
  • Scholarship/History
  • Wellness (Health Care, yoga, body mapping, Alexander Technique, etc.)
  • World Music
  • Youth Flute Day

Event Title
Event Description (200 word summary)
Timing of Program (Use mm:ss format)

Program Works Information

  • Title of Composition
  • Composer’s Name
  • Composer’s Dates
  • Opus No.
  • Publisher
  • Arranged by
  • Currently in print (yes/no)
  • Premiere
  • Title of Movements
  • Timing of Composition (use mm:ss format)
  • Ensemble Name (if applicable)
  • Flutist Performer Name(s)/Instrument
  • Non-flutist Performer Name(s)/Instrument
  • Other personnel


For every person performing/presenting:
(NOTE: Only include confirmed additional performers, including pianists)

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Instrument
  • Full Bio
  • 300-character (including spaces and punctuation) bio
    • Bios should begin with your name (no titles) and use full sentences, not lists.
    • Bios can be a maximum of 300 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
    • Do not include review quotes or adjectives.
    • Abbreviate BA; BM; MA; MM; DMA; and PhD (no periods); spell out all other degrees.
    • Use postal abbreviations for states.
    • Spell out school names and use “Univ.” for “University.”

Equipment Requests

  • LCD Projector + Screen
  • PA System (for speaking – wired mic)
  • Sound System (for playing instrument – mixing board)
  • Ability to connect personal computer to PA/Sound System
  • CD Player
  • DVD Player
  • Piano
  • Harpsichord (tuned to A415 or A440)
  • Lectern
  • Conductor’s Podium (Riser)
  • Microphone (Wired)
  • Microphone (Wireless)
  • Lapel Wireless Microphone
  • Floor Mic Stands
  • Boom Mic Stands
  • Table Mic Stands
  • Music Stands
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Special Equipment Requests

Supporting Materials

Supporting materials include recordings, program notes, outlines, PowerPoints, handouts, etc. Only upload each file once.

You many include audio files (mp3, m4a, wav, wma, or aif only) or links to online videos of your playing (such as a link to your YouTube video); please include this link in the body of your proposal. Links must be accurate and functioning at the time of review; please do not include both audio files and video links. Audiovisual requests must also be noted on the proposal form and are subject to budgetary considerations.

(NOTE: Supporting materials must be uploaded as part of the proposal, using the online form. No supporting materials will be accepted after the proposal has been submitted.)


You may save and edit any proposal you begin, and return to it for editing or collecting materials at a later time, prior to submitting the proposal.


Proposal FAQ