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Moyse Successor: Bernard Z. Goldberg (1923–2017)

Excelling early, the longtime Pittsburgh Symphony flutist was a mentor, teacher, and generous friend to countless students and colleagues throughout his long life. View and hear more about and by him here.

Women’s Work: Elaine Shaffer’s Artistry Shines in Curtis Institute Archives

A professional flutist joined the sister of luminary Elaine Shaffer to cement the renowned performer’s legacy at the school where she honed her craft. See more about the new archives here.

Fenwick Smith: 1949–2017

Leone Buyse, who recalls her long friendship with the late Fenwick Smith in the winter 2018 issue of The Flutist Quarterly, shares an essay he wrote about the age-old question: “Flutist or Flautist?”

Food, Friends, and Fun at the Myrna Brown Dine-Around

The Myrna Brown Dine-Around, held every summer at the Annual NFA Convention, offers flutists a chance to get to know others from around the country over a casual meal. Hosted in memory of early NFA administrator Myrna Brown, who was a strong proponent of collegiality among flutists, the Dine-Around is a great way for first-time convention attendees to break the ice and forge new connections or simply learn more about the convention itself.

by Kate Blair


Listen to violinist Fritz Kreisler perform works discussed in a review of a new collection of music curated by Paula Robison.

Molly Barth

Musical Memories in the Making

The author pondered key moments in her musical past and what made them so memorable, and asks how she can continue to live a life of powerful musical memories. She invites others to join in.

by Molly Barth

Robert Cole

Robert Cole: 1923–2016

View and listen to a rare clip of the Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet, with flutist and NFA co-founder Robert Cole, who died in 2016.

Musician’s Focal Dystonia: Strategies, Resources, and Hope

In 2006, the author suffered the first blow from what would become a long and complex battle with focal dystonia. Her rigorous research skills and the support of friends, colleagues, and medical specialists helped her move forward. Her thorough article presents an overview, advice, and resources about this baffling and debilitating disorder.

by Joanna Cowan White

Overtone Flutes: Valuable Members of the Flute Family

Created centuries ago, the fujara flute is one of a small family of overtone flutes featuring a distinctive sound and an unusual appearance. The author performed at the 2016 Annual NFA Convention. He answers questions he is frequently asked.

by Bob Rychlik

The Nature of Artistry

How do we discuss artistry? Can it be defined? Taught? How do we recognize it? What is this elusive thing that we all know, yet find so difficult to articulate? The author has embarked on a book project to explore these and other questions. Excerpts from her interviews follow.

by Claudia Anderson

Playing by Heart: An Irish Traditional Approach

The fall 2016 issue of The Flutist Quarterly features an article by Shannon Heaton with guidance on playing Irish flute music. Find online samples and further resources here.

by Shannon Heaton

Facing the Fermata: Recreating the Classical Cadenza in Modern Performances of Mozart’s Flute Concerti

The fall 2016 issue of The Flutist Quarterly features an article by Natalie Farrell. Find online samples and further resources here.

by Natalie Farrell

Folklore, Serialism, and Clicking Keys: A Brief Survey of the Literature for Unaccompanied Flute from Latin America

The fall 2016 issue of The Flutist Quarterly features an article by John Walker exploring Latin American composers. Find an online performance by one of them here.

by John Walker

Jolly Good Fellows

The year 2016 marks the retirement of many notable flutists following long and fruitful careers. We profile four of them here.

by Walfrid Kujala, Kaili Maimets, Paul Taub, and Zachariah Galatis


A Tale of Three Cities: London, Paris, and Boston…and a Tale of Two Donors

The National Music Museum’s special exhibit featured outstanding collections of historical flutes—donated by two National Flute Association champions: Betty Bang Mather and Richard Hahn.

by Deborah Reeves

Bartók Plays Bartók

The fall 2015 issue of The Flutist Quarterly features an article by Walfrid Kujala describing Hungarian rhythms. Find online samples of them here.

by Walfrid Kujala


An Introduction and Bibliography: Jean Rémusat

Flute scholar Tom Moore introduces the French flutist, born 200 years ago this year and today known mostly for the Louis Lot flute made for him. Included is an extensive listing to date of his considerable output.

by Tom Moore


Donald Peck

Donald Peck: The Well-Lived Life

On the occasion of the celebrated flutist’s 85th birthday, the Chicago Flute Club names an annual competition for him. A member of that club and of the NFA interviews him about his life and livelihood.

by Erin Kendall Murphy



Bach’s Atypical Flute Rondeau

Baroque performance practices specialist and NFA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Betty Bang Mather and her longtime publishing colleague Dean M. Karns discuss borrowed features from Psalm 136 in the first air of J.S. Bach’s Overture-Suite in B Minor.

by Betty Bang Mather and Dean M. Karns


Stephen Lias

Stephen Lias, the “National Parks Composer

The NFA award-winning composer’s wide-ranging works are often inspired by colleagues, friends, and his own experiences.

by Christina Guenther

Walfrid Kujala

Corrections and Clarifications (“Mistakes Were Made”)

Longtime Chicago Symphony flutist, pedagogue, and NFA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Walfrid Kujala offers a full, gently worded compendium of publication errors that he has found over the years.

Christine Potter

Solos for Low Flutes with Flute Choir

The chair of the NFA’s Low Flutes Committee and an active flute choir director shares this updated review of outstanding published pieces for flutists looking to perform a low flute solo with a flute choir. read more

by Christine Potter

Elizabeth Buck

A Moving Experience

One hundred and four flutists “migrated” through New York’s Guggenheim museum last November, walking through the vertical, circular building while making music. Were they lost? Not at all: they were participants in the U.S. premiere of a work by Salvatore Sciarrino whose title translates to “cutting the circle of sounds.” read more

by Elizabeth Buck

Eleanor Duncan Armstrong

An Endlessly Special Woman

Eleanor Duncan Armstrong retired this year after serving as Penn State’s flute professor for 30 years. read more

by Eileen Yarrison


Walfrid Kujala

I Have A Flute Dream!
(to wit: A Smart Flute with Apps)

After his visit 40 years ago with the inventor of a “modern” computerized flute system, this author wonders: What happened? read more

by Walfrid Kujala

Amy Likar
photo by Jack Paulus

Performance Anxiety: A Resource Guide

Read on for an overview of a broad range of good resources for combatting performance anxiety. read more

compiled by Amy Likar, with introduction by Susan Raeburn


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